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As someone who is regularly woken at the ungodly hour of 5.30am by the screeching noise of aeroplanes stacked up in the sky and waiting to land, I’m horrified that the Heathrow Expansion has got the go ahead.

I don’t believe it’s any coincidence that for the last month or so the air has been relatively quiet in the early hours of the morning. This morning, I was woken up by Miniminx at 6am – she’d woken up really early for her and as she came into my room we both heard the screeching of a plane coming in to land. Strange that this happens just the day after the government news announcement on HRW. I maybe a cynic and conspiracy theorist on this but I’m certainly not on the expansion issue.

I feel very let down by the government on this. I fear it is too late for any member of the public to effect a reversal of the decision. Friends of the Earth got it wrong – they expected a delay on the decision just a couple of days ago. Nice web site greenpeace, but has it worked? I fear not. For those of you who read Fast Food Nation, doesn’t this smack of the same kind of thing as the car companies lobbying against and ending the expansion of the railways in the US? The companies with the most to win are the most likely to push out the underdog. And in this case, it’s the privatised travel industry versus the little people, you and I. We’re just being fed spin and pollution.

After the Terminal 5 catastrophic launch last year, this news can only lead to more disaster. I predict that Heathrow, with all it’s shopping malls and restaurants, hotels and car parks, will become a city in it’s own right.

For anyone that works, lives or travels in the area, you’ll know how bad things are getting. The filthy air, the low flying planes, the noise and disruption to daily lives is just too much. I don’t know if I want to live around here much longer.

I’ve been a great fan of Labour but the first thorn in my side was the Child Benefit scandal when thousands of records of families went missing in the post. The letter I received telling me that my personal details and those of Miniminx had been lost made me think twice about voting for Labour again.

If the government wants to wrong foot the Liberal borough of Richmond and the conservative areas around Heathrow – Kew, Chiswick etc. well more fool them. This could mean a swing to the right and an election win for the Conservatives. Just one more Labour fiasco and Brown will be on his way. For me, as much as I detest Cameron, I would think about changing parties over this issue.

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