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Hello world – it’s the Nixdminx here – and why the nom de plume?  It’s entirely appropriate to my life’s lackadaisical attitude to me – so, I fall down, I get up, dust myself off and have a good few laughs along the way. 

I’m not so superficial, this week something hurt a bit.  Just when I thought I had a job in the bag after a year of working as a contractor, they squished my job and nixed me a month before Xmas.   So I’ve been crunched, yep, not quite like a number, I’ve been credit-crunched. placed in the recycle bin…heading to pastures new

I’m reading ‘one fifth avenue’ by Candace Bushnell and while I’m no Mindy, I share her need to sound off on a blog.  And, it’s personal…so here I am, the Nixdminx telling the story of my days in search of my next career move.

In this new age of global crisis – is my dream job out there?  Has the whole world stopped spinning because of the banking crisis – and are there many laughs to be had on the road to career nirvana? I hope so. 

I’ve just watched Fun with Dick and Jane with Jane Fonda – I love that film – I don’t know if things will get so desperate for me that I will end up doing what they did though. 

So for all you temps and contractors out there, you’re not alone in le crunch.  Le financial freak, c’est chic, get your disco shoes on and dance the night away!  After all, there’s always tomorrow 😉

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