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After a sleepless night, coffee seemed to be the solution, but oh, how wrong can you be?

My day is an empty sandwich; I’ve done my good deed for the day.  This morning, I walked Miniminx and her class to their swimming lesson at the local pool – think herding cats across the M4 and you get the picture.  And tonight I’m toasting my Sister’s birthday at the Dorchester and off to the theatre, think sophisticats and you get that picture 😉

But in between?  Yikes, I’ve totally screwed this day up…1 large cappucino + 2 supersized mugs of coffee thick with sugar later and I have percolated a huge sense of panic; I MUST log in to messenger, facebook, linkedin, my new ning thing, my blog – check, refresh, check everything…look at other blogs, check the news, google anything, everything, something, otherwise I’m going to miss out (on what, I’m not really sure).

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.  Only a dummy wouldn’t look for the latest jobs.  I hit the jobs boards, page down, page down, click, click…nothing new, same old, same old. Exhausting.

Oh my god, yes!  That critical appraisal of my CV I got, I MUST reread it immediately and take notes, and I must, I must rewrite my CV – it’s so rubbish.  Or, should I pay them £350 to rewrite it for me – a ‘simple investment in my future’ the email says, lazy way out says me.   But I’m far too embarrassed to even think about sending my CV out to anyone now, apparently the font is wrong, wrong, wrong.  I’ve not sold myself well at all for someone of my professional standing and even worse, the lay out is distracting!  How the hell did I ever get work before, it must have been a complete fluke!!!

Oh, I know, how about all those other exec-jobs-subscription-only web shites sites I got a guest subscription for, should I cough up?  Nah, bad idea. No money coming in remember?? (I refrain from kicking myself for fear of falling off my chair, I’ve already nearly trapped my hand in the bin lid by leaning from my seat to pop something in it with one hand and trying to close the lid with the other hand – well, it seemed like a good move at the time).

Oh, there’s a thought, why don’t I retrain as a plumber? Where’s that email I got in my junk folder on hotmail yesterday….? Oh god, where is it, have I deleted it?  I’m sure there’s a fortune to be made out of drains…and now I’ve lost the blinking email.

I can’t handle this, I can try and fidget out this cappucino-neurosis, but I’m actually going to get a life, switch off my lap top and go and do something more interesting instead. 

Now, where are my glad rags, it’s time to get glammed up…


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A week to go before Christmas and unlucky 13 days left ticking on my contract until the dole queue beckons and no concrete progress but the seeds have been sown I suppose.

Guardian Jobs in PR 175
Brandrepublic Jobs Media, Marketing and Comms 2070 jobs, PR jobs 127
PR Weeks Jobs 740
Mad.co.uk PR Jobs 280
Gorkana jobs 310
…and who on earth writes the jobs copy? Check this opportunity flagged as the ‘phenomenal PR explosion in the Middle East‘ who on earth put the that together??? Middle East? Explosions? Ja baby, that’ll really sell this hot job!

3500 jobs to go at Omnicom – you do the maths, lots of people out in the cold

So, a reality check means get real doesn’t it? It’s going to be a fight to just get through the door in these tough times, let alone bag a job. Ok, forget facebook (2facedbook as I sometimes call it) I need facetime – and linkedin? Yes, I am gathering connections but lunchedin is more like it – I’m back from the brink and nearly recovered from the flu so it’s time to get myself around town and hustling for some job opportunities through my true and trusted friends. Yesterday left a bad taste in my mouth with regard to my untouched CV on the desk of a certain company – I have to get in the driving seat here and not rely on the whims of a recruiter who thinks my eyes are the wrong colour. I just can’t give up either, so I’ve got a 9am meeting with a consultancy tomorrow for interim and permanent work, another one lined up for next year and two ‘socials’ – High Road House for lunch today and Notting Hill drinks do tomorrow and that will be the last gasp before Christmas – I could do with a bloody good laugh as well

…while this all may sound a bit Bridget Jones, I can assure you I don’t wear big knickers or keep a weight diary – this is reality and I have to bring in the dosh and bring up Miniminx to the best of my ability, it’s not easy sometimes but it has big rewards. I’ve worked with many women my age, who married to the job, think of nothing else, I call them the Septic Singles – they are blistering towards working Mums, searing in their ruthlessness and embittered about other people’s happiness (well, not all of them are but it’s a trend…).

Mingling with the munchkins at Miniminx’s Class Christmas party yesterday was hilarious, I even figured a career change to teaching might be a better route…and it’s not the first time I have thought that but I’m too bonkers I think. The naughtiest girl in school does not a disciplinarian make!

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Yep – crawling the walls, visitors don’t come near when you’re infectious. I haven’t left the house for 24hrs – I’ve definitely got flu so my weekend has been totally nixed. My glad rags are still hanging in the wardrobe as I’ve had to cancel all this weekends parties. Damn, I was looking forward to letting my hair down.

Yesterday was spent on the sofa shivering and sneezing, too sick to go out and feeling really rotten. Boredom is paramount during flu, so in my ennui, I’ve decided to see if I can live digitally – I’ve been emailing, texting, calling to stay in contact with people – nothing new there. Unable to get my daily papers, I’ve switched to online and found The Guardian has finally put it’s crossword online and you can even cheat! I do the crossword everyday religiously and it’s more fun online. I’ve been reading The Sun online for ages so won’t bother buying either paper anymore. That’ll keep the recycle bin a bit slimmer and stop me worrying about trees 😉 Will the publishers notice?

Virtual milk? Shame the milkman doesn’t deliver anymore huh? Do I want to leave my cashmere cardi, scarf and slippers at home and wrap up to go out in the pouring rain? Not bloody likely. I’m checking Tesco so see the earliest delivery, they can do 1-3pm tomorrow – not bad at all, I can last until tomorrow.

Entertainment? Sky is fab – all those things I’ve recorded and never had time to watch have been viewed. You can not argue with the glorious technicolour TCM, I just love it. I’m going back to bed to copy all my CDs onto my laptop and then ditch the boxes in storage…I hate the clutter.

No point facebooking – everyone’s out doing Christmas shopping and partying – I can shop online but the party is over for me this weekend -and it’s horrible – I suppose if I get really desperate, I can switch on the Xbox and have a karaoke session with Lips. I feel like I am living on the moon, life is nothing without people, I need my family and friends, one can not live online alone!

The upside of all this is that I can shop without leaving home (yay!) and I’m bargain hunting Amazon and all the other usual suspects for deals on laptops, iPods, Nintendo Wiis and zoom lenses without wearing out my shoeleather. I’ll venture out to the new Westfield when the sales are on…

PS: a note to all you manic emailing brands; urbanoutfitters, graham and green,

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