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I’m so pleased it rained all day yesterday, as it meant I could pull the hood down on my parker while staggering to school with Miniminx. 

It must be a sign of age, but I could hardly move yesterday after my night on the town.  The heady combination of being out, red wine, loud music, high heels and dancing, is just too much of an assault on my senses to have no lasting effect.  I spent most of the day lying down in a darkened room and laughing occasionally as I gradually pulled together my evening’s highlights.

Well, to start I missed out on the bleedin’ Dorchester through no fault of my own.  I tried to order a bottle of champagne to be on the table for my Sis’s party but the Maitre D said I couldn’t pay over the phone, so I settled for a sweet note for them to explain how I’d tried to order a bottle but they wouldn’t let me etc. etc.

So heading North, what better place to start than the Hawley Arms in Camden, home to most of the Art School scrag ends wearing exactly what I did twenty years ago.  Oh, how simple life is for them with all their hair twiddling and loose limbed foppery, I spent most of my time agog and holding myself back from lunging to grab wobbling beer glasses which looked ready to drop on the floor. ‘For god’s sake, they’re not toddlers!’ I kept saying to myself -not out loud obviously.  I’m an avid people watcher and this lot were already shouting and it was only 6.30. Two girls next to me were nattering away quite happily…

‘Ya, he’s definitely bi you know.’
‘Oh my god, he sooo is, he so definitely is…’
‘Yeah, yeah, and he’s slept with everyone at college.’
‘Do you know that Russian girl?’
‘Yah, todally’
‘She wears those blue tops – she should change her hair’
‘I don’t like it short.’
‘It’s really long.’
‘But she’s Russian?’
‘Wears skinny jeans’
‘Silver bag’
‘Blue hair’
‘Um, like no’
‘Oh weird, there must be two Russian girls’
‘Yah, that’s like soooo mad.’

Well, if you can’t beat them join them, so I ordered a glass or red and lurked in the beer garden for a quick smoke while waiting for my friend.  After another glass of red, we headed off to what I thought was the theatre and it turned out to be Grace Jones – oh my god it was amazing.  She is amazing and the audience was a total 80s throwback, chin strokers spotted evenly around the venue and a few (starting to look really) old faces, including a record producer I used to know back in the day. 

We got invited to the after show party but I was dragged out kicking and screaming because it was a school night.  Much as I would loved to have gone, I doubt I would have made it out of the house at all yesterday if I had…

Stilll, if you can’t enjoy a movie on a rainy day, when can you? So I plumped for The Family Stone which was much funnier than the reviews…

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After an hour with a recruitment consultancy, meeting two great people who I hope will be able to nudge me in the right direction, it was time to pace the pavements of Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Street and Regent Street to walk off the effects of a very strong coffee and kill time before the lunch time drinks party in W10.

Gor blimey – The Pier was having a liquidation sale, 20% off at Heals, everywhere I looked SALE, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% – going, going, gone…but most of it’s all tat. No real bargains and all the joy of and magic of Christmas is disappearing down the drain – what about the Christmas lights and the window decorations? It’s all become a cut price parody of the traditional Peace and Love to All Men. So I bought very little but discovered that in Topshop it’s business as usual and there were queues at the tills, the same in H&M Kids – Zara and Mango had sales on but the clothes were dreary, Urban Outfitters just looks so cheap, I didn’t bother buying anything, but a Grace Jones T-shirt caught my eye and that’ll be great to wear on Christmas day so I’ll have to pop back. It’s a real nonfashion moment this year – no great boots about so my Belstaff’s have been refurbished to last another year. Most of my presents this year are from Space NK (even they have a sale on – which I’ve never known), Cowshed and Amazon. My final fright was Primark – people sitting on the window sills outside having lunch – it was as if the old Wembley Market was on – it’s dire. But it does seem that all the value shops are still full without having to go to the lengths of a pre Christmas sale.

So that’s enough of the West End until next week – every year I take Miniminx to Selfridges, usually on Christmas Eve, and we go to Gordon’s Bar, it’s a much loved tradition of ours, last year we were sat next to a very gorgeous looking Jordan with one of her young children – I have a glass of champagne and Miniminx has an icecream float, then we waft around the store and spend lots of money. It’s frivolous, festive and fun – I hope they have the coat and bag room again – you can leave your shopping and coats for £2 and hightail it round the store in style.

This is precisely why I need a job – I love London and it all it brings!

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