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Three thoughts today – scandal, rubbish banks and even more rubbish jobs boards – yes, rubbish!!

Yet another big scandal heads out of the US – and of course, we’re all going to suffer here. Madoff by name, Madoff by nature. He Made-off with all the bloody money didn’t he? Lots of news everywhere about this shocker.

I wonder if there is a direct knock on effect closer to home. Is this why I can’t spend my hard earned cash? Cos the bank can’t afford to let me have it? Hah! HSBC told me yesterday Solo cards are not safe online – that’s what the bank told me, they upgraded me to Maestro – what the hell is going on, I use that card all over the world but online it’s less than useless. Apparently Solo cards are more prone to fraud than any other card – you people should know this, it’s what the bank told me.

Ho hum, the job hunt is not really happening – I can’t meet anyone with this flu or speak on the phone because I sound so dreadful so it’s purely down to searching on mad.co.uk, brandrepublic.com, linkedin and other random places that turn up on my google searches.

On the worrying subject of unemployment, the true barometer is having a look on the jobs boards – a dead cat bounce? Last week 800, then up to 829, now down to 749, in less than a week – what the hell is going on? There are 240 jobs in my linkedin search – none relevant bar one which is supposedly exclusive to Linkedin but I’ve already applied for it and been ignored through another jobs board. I’m going to have to nix this flu and get out and meet people.

None of my online shopping goodies have arrived yet, but they should some time today! Oh, well hang on a sec, two boxes have just come from Amazon – thank you!!!

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