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If you’re one of those people who has guffawed at Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop.com lifestyle blog but has secretly spent hours hunting around it, I’ll bet you’ve read this week’s perfect guide to Sunday cooking. Let me take you away from the sublime life of a Hollywood A-lister – complete with dark turkey meat-meatballs and spaghetti – to the ridiculous life of the Nixdminx and my Sunday lunch Kitchen Nightmare…

I’m always waxing lyrical about cooking and it’s never a hassle to have people over for a meal – it’s such a nice way to relax. And so, I was looking forward to catering for my closest friends tomorrow until yesterday, when I sent a round robin text to confirm my guests and was agog at the dietary requirements that came back in big capital letters; no beef or pork from one camp, vegetarian from another, no fish or potatoes from another and of course, there’s little old me; no wheat, no orange. And that’s without even having to coax the under 4s into eating anything resembling a vegetable.

Damn and blast, there goes my own special meat chilli for the grown ups and spag bol for the kids…it was the perfect solution, I’ve already made a base sauce which I blend for the kids to hide all the veg (onions, mushrooms, roasted peppers, tomatoes) and just add kidney beans and the hot spicy stuff for oldies. So I could have casually cooked the rice and spaghetti et voila…

On to Plan B. I perked myself up with a Caffe Nero latte (the strongest legal variety available on the high street) and was hyperventilating outside Sainsbury’s, hastily scribbling my shopping list. Sod it, I thought, I’ll just cater for the whole lot of those pesky blighters.

iPods are great for shopping and I danced around the aisles in a complete Bee Gees funk. £200 later and I’ve bought a rack of lamb, nut cutlets, salmon steaks – I even found wheat free Yorkshire puds – and will be on the hunt for some chicken today. I completely forgot to buy any vegetables but we’ve got loads and loads of juice, hundreds of real juice ice pops, plenty of exotic stinky cheese and lots of wine.

I’ll definitely be playing Happy Families tomorrow as it will be a case of match-the-face-to-the-dish, which will be quite a challenge after quaffing a Bloody Mary or two (the only way to cook on Sunday!).

Bye, I’m off to marinade everything, make the Bloody Mary Mix and hope and work out the complex cooking schedule.

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Yes, the about turn of non stop whirl of working life leads, one thinks, to a life of leisure. But the thing is, I’m one of those people who just needs to think about doing one thing and then life just seems to get really frantic, well, not frantic but sometimes it’s the equivalent of a drop of water on a Gremlin.

Take for example a simple trip to my storage unit yesterday. Easy enough, drop off stuff, pick up stuff and enjoy a lengthy lunch in a local posh pub…

I’m thanking my lucky stars that I went actually – I opened up the door to find all my storage boxes had collapsed and there has been a damp problem in that area of the building following the cold snap. So now it’s a case of unpacking, repacking and moving units – what a zen-like task and what a pain in the arse too. However, on the bright side, I only go there once a year or so and if I hadn’t gone everything would have rotted. I think some of my stuff is ruined. I went there to take a stack of packing boxes which cost me a fortune last time I moved and I stubbornly refuse to ditch them.

So now they’ve gone from my house, amazingly the space is already replaced by a new load of boxes from my meanderings online in a few of my favourite shops. I ordered a Dyson animal on Amazon which looks amazing. It replaces my old Dyson which I thought was fine, even though it’s 10 years old. I asked my cleaner why the rugs always looked so dirty and she said it was the Dyson, she told me it was like using a toy hoover – I was mortified, so I had to replace it. Pricey to say the least but it’s built to last and it had £50 off.

Next a delivery from figleaves – I’m really impressed since I placed the order less than 48 hours ago, most of it is 50-70% off. Then my White Company delivery – great! Kids hangers for Miniminx’s ward robe, and the Brighton Bath Towel rail which I’ve waited and waited for a discount on but it’s never in the sale so I jumped straight in. I’d forgotten that I’d bought a backgammon set reduced from £80 to £35 and so that was a neat surprise and 30% off scented candle is my other bargain. It’s like Christmas day with all this arriving.

But last night my very disappointing Sainsburys shop arrived with a lot missing. The driver was apologetic but it’s not his fault. I’d gone for a lot of 2 for 1 offers and some were missing. They’ve also done the old – give the internet shopper stuff that’s nearly out of date trick – so my 2 for 3 on rice noodles is ridiculous as I only get through a pack every three days and the sell by is tomorrow. Bummer. Even worse, three of us were playing on Wii Fit and my Super Hoola record score was reduced as we had to get the door – it was actually quite funny tho.

And the job hunt? Pah, there’s nothing go on so I’m looking forward to getting my hair done (an essential for job hunting) and visiting the dole office tomorrow. I’ve decided to take a positive approach and try and see what courses are available to me in my out-of-work state.

Is anyone else blogging about being unemployed? I seem to be unable to find anyone out there…am I missing something??

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