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~Some bloke on the fiddle ~

~Some bloke on the fiddle ~

Flu has seriously kicked in – at least I have a festive red nose and the appearance of being surrounded by snowballs constructed from a pile of used tissues no less 😦

So there is no way I could make my usual dash to get the Sunday papers today, so my 48hour living online experiment continues, even though I have now run out of three essentials; milk, Lemsip and bread.

So, News of the World is amazing online – I’m definitely not buying it again, maybe they’ll make money out of me with their online offers – but I’m definitely not a Laura Ashley fan and Brandalley – well, it’s hardly exclusive anymore, and everything is on sale these days anyway.

Online Fabulous

Online Fabulous

So, onto The Sunday Times – well you can now buy an e-edition – see the free trial here – reading the bog standard online version is fine by me, especially if it’s free. I am totally gripped by this feature Exposed: Dick Fuld, the man who brought the world to its knees – the writing is worthy of Tom Wolfe. It’s one of those rare press articles that really makes an impact – written by Andrew Gower, who was working at Lehman at the time it collapsed, it really does resonate on a grand scale with other tales and fables of hubris – Nero, Rome and fiddles spring to mind – although this time, it’s all of us who have been fiddled. Out of credit, security and jobs. It makes me angry, I am swept away with this story, the tide of intrigue, how obvious the downfall is and how shit it all really is. Every day I wake up and think – Bloody hell – I haven’t got a job anymore. When I was fired I was told that I’m a great talent, charismatic, an achiever – spare me the saccharine I thought. Emails are being sent around to teams saying ‘what a loss’ and ‘sorry to see you go’ – is the vanity and avarice of this one man really responsible for this crisis in my life – yes, sadly, I believe that this is true.

I’ve not yet received my Tesco delivery – another four hours to go – and I aim to be asleep for most of those. I managed to watch about four or five movies last night while ripping CDs and I’ve now got two boxes of CDs to do away with. I also sent email and text invites to my birthday party and booked a room at Luckyvoice – so pretty productive really.

Some things just don’t really work though – I tried to book a restaurant on toptable but my search blew up – I really don’t believe the site is clever enough to calculate Christmas closing times so I don’t trust it. I always have problems finding places to go as my birthday is a couple of days after Christmas, so hotels are usually the best option, I’m thinking of the Soho Hotel or perhaps St Martin’s Lane – not quite sure yet.

I’m still bargain hunting online for Christmas stuff but overwhelmed by choice – why don’t they make web sites which just have really limited collections instead of an infinite inventory?

I’ll leave you with that thought as I go back to my foraging, TTFN.

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