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Okay, okay, I should be knocking on doors and ringing bells, making phone calls and typing letters, licking stamps, playing knock down ginger, anything, just anything to get a new job. But in this age of the hyper -real, none of the old school ways seem to work.  I remember once working my way through the Yellow Pages to find companies I liked the sound of in London W10 and I wrote to each and every single one asking for freelance work.  I got two responses and a lot of work. That was the 90’s.   Someone tell me how to do that today please in the new social media model?

So back in the real world it’s serious grooming happening to keep happy – four bottles of Leighton Denny nail gloss purchased today and the usual, pop into the salon for an all over much needed preen.  Heading down the gym, taking extra care of myself and keeping busy.  And looking for sources of inspiration – Vogue December is amazing – Karl Lagerfeld is quite the artist – take a look if you can tear yourself off html and head to print.  Many years ago he did some photos for W magazine which proudly adorned my run down Venice Beach apartment and gave it a touch of the avant garde – maybe it’s a sign??  My other passion is travels with my new Canon EoS which will soon take on a new longer, leaner look – my entry level SLR is not as up to scratch as I’d like it be so  I’m road testing new lenses tomorrow to get that va va voom zoom lens.

Oh, so anyway, obviously finding ways to keep myself busy, still working tho and also heard today that my CV is languishing on someone’s desk.  In my mind I see the double sided print out, the two dimensional version in me in black and white, coming to life and flying round the office to get attention – but knowing me, it would probably be accidentally let out of the window my some unsuspecting cleaner and float face down into a puddle.  I’ve just got the ‘What ifs?’ haven’t I – what if they don’t realise that I’ve got the right experience, what if the recruiter doesn’t like me, or what if they’ve frozen out contractors? 

I’m also wondering how many other CVs are it keeping it, or rather me, company and are they trying elbowing each other off the leather bureau – or is it ultra modern MDF, perhaps tempered steel – to make way for their own super duper credentials ahead of mine?   This desk, however glamorous or decadent, is the desk of someone in particular I want to employ me.  Badly.  It’s a contract I really, really want.  For me, the dream turn around in my shitty circumstances – I’ve submitted references, I’ve drooled over the job spec, I’ve waxed lyrical to the agency, and even Minimix is excited – I wonder if they’ll ask me in for an interview….I’ll just have to wait and see

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