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Wake up, ugh, Monday.  Check my fakeberry – email overload, inbox is now full.  It’s Monday, can I be bothered to get up?  How much have I got to do?  Is Miniminx awake yet?  Of course not!  So, do I head to the office and work hard all day in my outgoing role(?!) or do I work from home and try and get myself a job? My usual diligence has checked out – I’ve got to do the school run and just found out I’ve been volunteered to walk my daughter’s class to the church for the carol concert rehearsal.  Um, oh, ok, I’ll do it.  Quick rejig of the day – I can save two hours by not travelling to work and back – and £20 on the cab fare, avoid germ-ridden bus and train on the way back.  That means I can go to the gym – and run and work off stress and keep myself happy – which means I can concentrate and focus after exercising and feel good.  Ok, decision is made, so I’ll work from home and do it all…wish me luck! Come on Monday!

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